Sunday, August 24, 2014

A Kind of Belated Garden Update

We have been busy and much has happened since the last long ago post.  The greenhouse is gone and a new patio area is in its place. Plus the house has had new siding put up where the greenhouse was on the garage wall. The garden shed  is scheduled for a new roof in September.  Apples are starting to arrive but we have had some trouble with the trees - whole branches dying - the professional explanation is a combination of last falls drought and the very hard winter we just had - so I have had to cut whole branches off the trees including some full grafted branches.  Tomatoes are here in abundance along with pole beans. My pole beans are back as I almost lost my seed stock but have built it back up after several lean years. Because all the cucumbers are growing in the garden we have had some issues with leaf spot and poor production - cool wet weather this summer has not helped either.  The peppers in the EarthBox's are doing excellent - too bad they are almost all hot varieties.
This spring and summer I was busy with running events and a Triathlon Sprint with my sons in Door county so maybe that somewhat explains the lack of posts - hard to train, garden, remodel, and get to the camera and computer for the blog - but this should bring us up to date on most levels.
Happy Gardening

This little tree decided to bloom again. Not sure what it really is though...

Demolition of the greenhouse

The new patio space - maybe a stand alone greenhouse next spring.

Summer lettuce in a cold frame - might be helping with slugs....

One of the "Indigo" tomato varieties - will not plant these again.

The pole beans are at the top of their poles (9-10ft).

Red and green dandelions - great greens - a sure bunny favorite too.

Another variety of pole bean - Native American Black Bean.

New favorite herb - Summer Savory - ready for drying.

Peppers do so well in these EarthBox's.

Chapeau de Frade - hot and very tall plants -

Passion vine fruit.

Mayhop passion vine is all the way to the house roof!