Sunday, January 18, 2009


After several days of bitter cold the outlook is for warmer weather. Maybe the arrival of a January thaw will help in setting the mood for making the final seed selections for the '09' garden. All of the seed catalogs arrived and I have gone through with the highlighter and marked the "wish list". Now the work begins. I will have to go through the ten seed suppliers that I have catalogs for and try to narrow the choices and look for the best value of seed cost to packet amount. This is not a bad job but one that takes time and a lot of page turning to try to get the best value for our seed dollars.

I went through the seed box last week, during our cold, cold days and got rid of the oldest packets that probably would not have the best germination. I kept a few types of the 2007 seed that has some possibilities of fair germination but the rest I dumped in a jar and took out to the feeder for the doves to munch on - no I did not feed them any treated seeds only clean seed.

As I narrow the 2009 seed choices I will try to include some of the variety names and suppliers that I am using. But for sure I know that sesame seeds will again be on an order as we had great success whit that plant last year and had plenty of seed for mixing with bread dough to add a great taste to our fresh no-knead French bread.

Happy Gardening

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