Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring at Last

After a very relaxing two week stay in warm, sunny, Florida, we have returned to wonderful warm spring weather and the sounds of all kinds of birds in the garden.

One of the adventures on the trip was a visit to the Ellenton, FL. location of Earthbox a container gardening system with merit.

The Earthbox is made from recycled materials, is 15 inches by 30 inches by 12 inches and has a water reservoir in the bottom. This patented product has a good record of vegetable production and the site in Ellenton provides good examples of what one can produce with this system. The above pictures attest to their claim of being able to produce 30 to 40 pounds of tomatoes in Florida's climate. I think this would work well here in Wisconsin for patio growing of vegetables. The initial cost of the boxes is noticeable but because they seem to last a long time I think they would be a good investment if they were taken indoors in the winter. I am very tempted to look into getting at least one to see what I can produce in an Earthbox. As soon as I can find a local supply source I will pass the information along.

I planted greens yesterday in my tray system and will make that an entry later in the week as now that the growing season is fast approaching I want to make more posts each week.
Happy Gardening

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