Sunday, May 10, 2009

Apple Blossoms and Orioles

The first apple flowers of the season
Short rows planted in a cold frame of spinach and arugula and the cold frame was removed
This is the main spinach crop planted last November.
French sorrel plants from seed last season - a great perennial green

This is French sorrel that is four years old and still doing real well.

Burr Oak catkins so we will have a acorns this year for sure....

The Baltimore Orioles are back this week just as the apples are starting to bloom. That means the grape jelly will go even faster than it has. I have seen more than orioles at the feeder. House sparrows, Black Grackles, and even my Cardinal has stopped by for some. Our Mothers Day meal was a very nice Sorrel quiche made from both of the sorrel leaves above. Sorrel is a really nice garden green. Make sure that as you grow it you do not let it go to seed. Remove the seed heads all summer and the plant will reward you with vigorous growth for repeat seasons.

Today was transplant day for second seeding tomatoes and peppers. I had 144 plants that needed to go into bigger post so that was done today. Most of last weeks herbs are up and moving along - mostly basil and thyme. I think its time for another seeding of lettuce as the two flats in the cold frames are ready for planting in the garden. Most of the seed potatoes are here and I still am working on a cage method. I would like to salvage materials instead of shelling out $$$ so we will see. I will review what is still left in the seed box and decide what needs to be planted. I think most of what is left is for direct seeding in the garden.

I made a presentation Wednesday at my local YMCA to their AOA (Active Older Adults). I gave them a PowerPoint on basic gardening and from the feedback I felt that people got some good hints and I hope if they have questions they use the blog as a way to get them answered - then everybody can learn.

This week pictures show some progress in the garden. Today's salad was made with lettuce planted last fall and wintered in a cold frame so now is a great time to get those season extenders built and then you can use them this season and all next winter.

Happy Gardening

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