Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Apple Drop

The dry weather continues and the large apple drop my be a result of the weather. I drained the rain barrels of their water onto the apple trees. 50 gallons each was all that was available in the barrels. The loss count is at over a hundred bags dropped so far this season. Rather a large number but I think the weather is a factor - real hot days and little rain. However, there is still a fair number of bagged fruits developing on the trees. Hopefully we will get some rain soon or I will think about watering the trees. I have not done much watering of the apple trees in the past but every season is different and we have had successive years of dry weather. So as a result I will consider watering if we don't get some measurable rain soon.
The peas are ready but the variety, Sugar Sprint, is not that tasty and I do not think I will plant them again. Most of the butter crunch type of lettuce is done for now and summer lettuce is starting to produce. I have planted out some cucumbers but they are not too happy, so I have started another crop. I also started the pole beans in peat pots and will put out the poles this week in preparation for transplanting the seedlings onto the poles. Most of the rest of the garden is growing nicely due to the fact that I am spot watering some crops. The first heads of broccoli are developing and I have pulled nice onions for part of our meal on the Fourth of July. The potatoes have flowers so that means the tubers are growing in the towers.
Most of this week was involved with a new patio construction ( contracted work) that went on in the backyard. I now have a large amount of dirt to spread into the new garden space when I get around to that project. Plus this week I hope to relocate the rocks that were part of a perennial bed that was by our old patio - now gone. Maybe a water feature could be part of this new space because we went on a "Pond Tour" last weekend and saw some great backyard water features that certainly inspire one to think about having such a space in the backyard.
Happy Gardening

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