Sunday, September 27, 2009

Busy week but not in the garden

Last rose of the season
Cardoon seed is ready for harvest
Internal damage to peppers by earwigs
Most of the bell peppers have been damagaged

Hen of the Forest - Polyporus frondosus Edible and choice
Scramble with eggs it certainly is choice

This was a busy week mostly with education. On Monday I had the privilege to speak to a Beginning Horticulture class at Fox Valley Technical College. This is always a treat. The class was large and along with my standard PowerPoint I brought an example of all the tomatoes from the garden. We discussed vegetable gardening, made a "Rag Doll" for seed germination testing and talked about the growth industry that is possible in horticulture. The students were engaged and I had a good time - Thanks Roxanne.

On Wednesday I co-taught a class on drying fruits and vegetables at UW Brown County Extension. Home economist, Judy Knudsen and I had a packed class. We covered quite a bit of information and gave out some good tips. I even had the chance to show how to make my home remedy "Fruit Fly Trap". Also, in my dehydrator this week, I had a bonus. Someone brought a beautiful mushroom into Extension and I was lucky enough to get part of it. I had wonderful scrambled eggs and mushrooms on Friday and the rest went into the dehydrator for use all winter long - Thanks Tammy for sharing.

In the drying class, I was asked to list a favorite canning book so here it is:

PRESERVING NATURE'S BOUNTY by Frances Bissell. Sterling Publishing Co.
IASB 13:978-1-4027-2731-3
This is a good book for making small batches of jams, jellies, and other seasonal preserves. The Clementine Marmalade is great. The book basically details the long cook method for making these preserves as no commercial pectins are used in the recipes.

The rest of the week was devoted to the work on the brick apron in front of the greenhouse. I got the bricks down and have swept sand over them and hope to finish the sand and fill in the edge around them and plant grass seed this next week.

Happy Gardening

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