Friday, February 5, 2010

The WINNER is -

Fantastic!!! Ladies and gentlemen we have a tie. The irony is that the seeds came from opposites ends of the country. In the mailbox today was a package from Oregon -97424 and one from Maine -04901. Both Johnny's Selected Seeds and Territorial Seed Company packages arrived today sometime around noon my time so we have an official tie! Sorry guys, bit I did not get the mail and don't know who was placed in the mailbox first. I am truly amazed at the speed of both these companies as I placed these orders by phone on Monday, February 1st in the afternoon so everyone got right on the orders and shipped really fast. Now with the countdown to March 1st still ticking its time to record the selections and start working on the lay out of the garden plan for 2010.
Happy Gardening


  1. Just found your site.Lots of help to me. Your black seeding trays- are they plastic dish pans?Do you have drainage holes in them? Do you start them under lights in the house and then move them to cold frame? If so, when? Is the soil soilless medium or potting soil? Which top dressing worked best? I garden in Nova Scotia and your timing seeems similar to mine. Do you have bricks in the bottom of all your cold frames?

  2. Hi Anon,
    The black seeding trays are different. The bigger trays are what are called "wallpaper" trays but I usually do not put more than a few inches of potting soil in them to grow greens.
    When the corp is done all of it goes into the compost pile. The trays for sunflower sprouts do have drainage holes because they are for my seedlings later in the season but I do put them in another tray that does not have drainage.
    The cold frames this year will be on the new brick apron in front of the greenhouse but in the past they have been on concrete and on the lawn too. Plus I do have cold frames out in the garden which I have lettuce and spinach planted in. If you want plans for the cold frames just Google - cold frame manual - and my plans will come up for you.
    Lights - the sunflower sprouts are under lights but as of March 1st I will open the greenhouse and start to work out in that space with natural daylight. Hope this helps - if you need more just ask.
    Happy Gardening