Sunday, September 5, 2010

Tomato Blight for me too

Ripe figs from our tree are a treat.
Probably the worst tomato patch I have ever had.
We had NO beans this season - good thing I did not plant all my seeds.
These red dandelion flowers look exactly like blue chicory flowers.
You can see that the ones in the lower right are really blue.

After my return from the Canadian fishing trip the tomato patch looked pretty sad. What looked like a late blight had hit the plants hard and it took some time to clean up the plants. I removed all dead leaves and any green leaves that looked really infected and any old or damaged fruits. They look pretty poor but we are still picking fruits and maybe we will still have tomatoes for a few weeks to come. I sure will miss them when they are gone.

Most of the melons are still green. The Minnesota midgets were over ripe when I got home and so no taste test there. The vines growing on the trellis seem to be less infected with powdery mildew than the plants on the ground. With our cool weather for the last few days ripening will be slow. I sure hope we get some soon. However, Stinky - our Chicago Brown Turkey fig - is producing several rip fruits each day. What a treat to come home from Canada to ripe figs. As the weather gets cooler the fig tree will retreat back to the greenhouse and then later into the house as we do not heat the greenhouse except for one month in the seed starting season.

My son and I spent most of the day painting the inside of the house so tomorrow I want to start some fall lettuce and get some radishes planted in a cold frame plus get some more clean up in the garden done. We are going to take down the old hoop house and hopefully put up a new one this fall. Initially I was going to try one made of metal poles but I think I am going to try one made of plastic tubing mainly as a cost factor. half inch to one inch PVC honed in the middle and anchored to the ground with plastic stretched over the top and some sort of permanent ends seems to be the plan. I will again search the web for some plans I know I saw once before.

The Italian red dandelions have some flowers on them and they look exactly like chicory flowers - blue petaled. I was expecting a yellow composite but that's not what one plant that is blooming has so I need to go back to the seed package or the catalog and see if their is a scientific name to check the genus and species.
Happy Gardening


  1. This has been my worst year for tomatoes, as well, here in Green Bay. I'm not going to get as much spaghetti sauce made as I want unless I buy some tomatoes in bulk. :(

    There's always next year!

  2. I'm in western Pennsylvania and this has been a best year I've ever had for tomatoes. Last year was my worst year ever as we got hit -- obliterated is more accurate -- by late blight. Just goes to show how volatile the sport of gardening can be.