Sunday, February 13, 2011

Seed List for 2011

With all the seed orders in, here is what we hope to plant this season in the garden and greenhouse, along with some further experimentation with vegetable grafting again this year.

2011 Seed Sources

JS = Johnny's Selected Seeds
TS = Territorial Seeds
S = Stokes Seeds
TT = Totally Tomatoes
PT = Pinetree Garden Seeds
SP = Sandhill Preservation Center
BC = Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Co

Skyphos Red Butterhead (pelleted) JS
Dancie Green Butterhead (p) JS
Concept Green Summer Crisp (p) JS
Magenta Red Summer Crisp (p) JS
Winter Density Romaine (p) JS
Simply Salad Global Gourmet (p) S
Simply Salad Alfresco Mix (p) S
Tom Thumb -SP
Marvel of Four Seasons - SP
All Year Round - SP

Space Spinach - TS
Regatta Spinach - TS
Olympia Spinach - TS
Regal Spinach - S
Emu Spinach - JS
Tyee Spinach - PT
Spinach Mix - PT
Gigante d'Inverno Spinach - BC
Merlo Nero Spinach - BC
Giant Noble Spinach - BC
Giant Winter Spinach - SP

Sylvetta Arugula - JS
Surry Arugula - JS
Astro Arugula - JS
Fall Greens Mix - SP

Fortex Pole Bean - JS
Helda Pole Bean - TS
Golden Sweet Pea - BC

Franklin Hybrid Brussel Sprouts - TS
Green Magic Broccoli - JS

Green Rocket Chinese Cabbage - PT
Soloist Chinese Cabbage - PT

La Salle Onion - S
Patterson Onion - JS
Saffron Shallot - JS

Rapid Star Kohlrabi - S

Javelin Parsnip - JS

Celesta Radish - S
Onmy Oriental Radish - S
French Breakfast Radish - PT
Green Heart Daikon Radish - PT
Watermelon Radish - PT
German Giant Radish - PT
White Hailstone Radish - BC
Helios Radish - BC
Spring Radish Mix - SP
Winter Radish Mix - SP

Telegraph Improved Cucumber - TS
Tasty Jade Cucumber - JS
Summer Dance Cucumber - TT
Summer Top Hybrid - TT

Sugary Hybrid - TT
Celebrity Hybrid - TT
Tomatoberry Garden Hybrid - TT
Druzba - TT
Nebraska Wedding - PT
Nebraska Wedding - SH
Red Candy - S
Emerald Evergreen - BC
Raspberry Lyanna - BC

Sweet Spot Hybrid Pepper - TT
Planet Hybrid - TS
Yum Yum Gold Hybrid - TS
Jimmy Nardello - SP
Gusto Green Hybrid (Hot) - TS
Ascent Hybrid (Hot) - TS

Plato Zucchini Squash - JS
Bush Delicata Squash - TS
Sunny Delight Squash - S

Savor Charentais Hybrid Melon - TT
Sugar Cube Melon - S
Rich Sweetness Asian Melon - BC
Orangeglo Watermelon - BC
Orange Flesh Tendersweet - SP

Watercress - PT
Upland Cress - PT
Zefa Fino Fennel - JS
Italian Large Leaf Basil (pelleted) JS
Nufar Basil (pelleted) JS
Laura Parsley - S
Darki Parsley - S
Stevia - BC
White Soul Apline Strawberry - PT

Jelly Melon Kiwano - BC
Jelly Melon - SH
Pastella Melon - SH
Bottle Gourd - SH
Luffa Gourd - BC

Radio Calendula - PT
Orange King Calendula - BC
Yellow Profusion Zinnia - JS
Zowie Yellow Flame Zinnia - JS
Zahara Double Cherry Zinnia - JS
Benary's Giant Pink Zinnia - SP
Orange King Zinnia - SP
Miss Willmott Zinnia - BC
Burpee Rose Giant Cactus Zinnia - BC
Bonanza Harmony Marigold - S
Salmon Sunset Four-O-Clock - BC
Marbles White/Yellow Four-O-Clock BC
Tassel Flower Irish Poet - BC

Happy Gardening


  1. That's quite the collection. (I see you like radishes too.) Should keep you busy for the season. I don't see beets on the list. You probably have seed from last year for those.

  2. Hi Richard,
    Well, no one but me likes them and since I can always get them fresh at the farmers market I have opted to not plant them this year just like potatoes. Sometimes its better to let someone else use their space and then that allows me more space for something else - this year it might be the melons.
    Happy Gardening

  3. HI Dave...Guess I'm surprised about the beets also. What about carrots?Also edamame...I would have thought they would be on your list? I tried edamame last year & had very poor germination; I am going to try them again this year. Have you grown them? Any suggestions? I see you only have pole that because of a space issue or do you have a preference?
    The Crazy Cat Lady

  4. Good morning CCL,
    I have horrible germination with direct seeded carrots so.... I have tried transplanting the stubby kinds last season with some success but my ground is too heavy for nice ones - a "let someone else grow them" farmers market item. Edamame, I have tired, bunnies will eat every one they can get, and just do not have the space for a crop the size to freeze for winter use. Pole beans are for space and because I do not like picking bush beans. Plus we really like the flavor and the freeze-ability of this bean.
    Happy Gardening