Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spring Signs Just Keep Arriving

But will the new fence keep the bunnies away from these?
The fig out of the pot and needing some root pruning
I pulled and cut off maybe a 25% of the root ball.
New soil, some time release fertilizer and a top dressing of worm casting - bring on the figs.

This past Saturday I spent talking about vegetable gardening at the Seeds Of Hope Plant Event at Fox Valley Technical College. There was a great responsive crowd to listen to presentations on Roses, Herbs in Cooking, Plant Propagation, Landscape Structures and Vegetable Gardening. This is an annual scholarship fund raiser for the college and my second year of participation. I had enthusiastic gardeners for both sessions and lots of interest and great questions. I brought along some pellitized lettuce seed to show the gardeners and a knock down cold frame to spark some interest in building a season extender even this spring. I put a planting board in the silent auction and was happy with the amount it raised for the scholarship fund.

During the day I found out about a great little plant store in Appleton, WI called Arics Indoor Garden Supply at 1104 W. Wisconsin Ave. This is a neat garden supply store especially for Hydroponics but also for other growing supplies. I got some worm castings, vermiculite for top dressing my seeding this spring, a new grafting try and lid, and was amazed at the huge selection of organic soil mixes. I don't know about shipping but if you are in the area stop by - Aric's web site is - - open seven days a week.

The signs of spring are arriving daily. I saw a groundhog today - luckily far away from my
garden but still a reminder of last summer's intruder. Robin count is two so far but I am sure more are here and I did see a Purple Grackle at the feeder this afternoon so they are also back - the yard noise will radically increase after the near silence of winter.

I got the fig tree root pruned this week and opened the auto-vent system on the green house because it has already gotten TOO HOT in there. Even with double layers of plastic the heat builds up almost instantiously on a bright sunny morning so the vent should solve that problem.
The list of "to do" will grow daily and top of the list is pruning the fruit trees and doing the taxes - OK now which one will be more fun? Duh.
Happy Gardening


  1. I'm in GB, too. Haven't seen a single crocus in my yard or any other yards. And...I've not seen a robin either. You must live on the south side of GB where it's warmer. lol

    My first time to visit your blog.


  2. Hi Donna,
    The crocus bloom in relationship to how close or far they are from the house; mine are getting radiant warmth from a south exposure even though they are in the lawn. Crocus are fine in the lawn because they bloom and usually make enough growth to manage the first or second mowing of the grass and then come back the next season provided the bunnies don't get them. I have daffodils and crocus in the lawn so give it a try especially in the late fall when the crocus bulbs are on sale and you can get a 100 for a good deal - then scatter plant them in the lawn and enjoy. I have lots of birds here on the north east side of GB.
    Happy Gardening