Sunday, May 15, 2011

Still A Cool Spring

A great dwarf iris
These plants from Territorial Seeds were well packed for shipping.
Looks close to my grafts from last season
The chicks have more than doubled in size!

I have been gone to AZ for some time helping my invalid parents so my lovely wife has been working hard to keep things growing in the greenhouse and cold frames. This spring is causing us to still heat the greenhouse for seedlings. Usually we have cut the heat long before May in the past. Well not this year.
The grafted tomatoes came from Territorial Seeds and they don't look a lot different than the ones I did last season. They need repotting and some warm sun to take off; and that goes for our own seedling tomatoes and peppers. I am thinkiing that I should pull off one of the plastic layers in the greenhouse and see if more light will perk things up.
The chicks came May 2nd! and I left for AZ on the 3rd! They are now out of the basement and in the greenhouse in a big plastic tub and hopefully this week they will be out of that and into a dog crate and moved to the garden shed which is destined to be their permanent home. The city ordinance was successfully rewritten and now all I have to get is the $5 license. They really grew while I was gone and have started to give us clues to their possible names.
Now that I am back home to my family, greenhouse, and garden things might slowly get growing if the weather would decide to cooperate.
Happy Gardening

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