Monday, September 12, 2011

Hot Days and Cool Nights

Fall has arrived with silence in the morning. In spring the number of bird sounds was constant and now about all one hears is the sound of crickets chirping the temperature. I have not heard a robin or wren in more than a week and although hummingbirds are still around, they don't make much noise.
This past week the big event was presenting a vegetable class at the Wisconsin Garden Club Federation Gardening Study School. Great location at the Elwood May Environmental Park in Sheboygan. Plus, I had an excellent attentive group with many great questions. I sure hope everyone had as good a time as I did. Thanks, Julie, for the invite.
The garden is winding down with fewer tomatoes and cucumbers to pick. The second crop of figs is growing nicely and I have two watermelons hanging through the trellis supported by pantyhose so with luck they will get ripe. As a result of the slow down in the garden and with apple harvest about two to three weeks away I might just take a short break in posting.
Happy gardening

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