Sunday, November 20, 2011

2012 Seed Catalogs Here - Already!

I was again inAZ for a while and when I got home in the mountain of mail were the first two 2012 seed catalogs. Now this is the absolute earliest they have ever come. Unfortunately, I did not collect them from the mailbox so I don't know which one was the first to arrive. But still, this is November and not like last year when Stokes came in December. One will have to get to these wish books along with the mountain of other catalogs that fill the mailbox at this time of year. Personally, it might be a bit early - what will we have to do in those cold January days if we have already gone through them by then? Maybe I'll just set them aside and wait until New Years Day.
Happy Gardening.


  1. Hi Dave....The 'Pinetree Garden Seeds' catalog was the first that came for me by about 3 days. Yes I think they are a bit too early...looking forward to the seed catalogs was a January 'thrill'
    It meant..."Yes...spring is around the corner!" I don't feel seed catalogs belong in the same mailbox as 'victoria's secret' or ;'land's end' or any other ordinary catalog. :-)
    Seed catalogs are special!
    Have a very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
    The Crazy Cat Lady

  2. Hi There Crazy Cat Lady...
    Right ON!!! Love your observation and Best Wishes of the season....
    Happy Gardening

  3. After you go through them the first five times, all the other times are to make sure you are fitting all you can into every square inch of your garden! Great anticipation for the future harvests!

  4. Hey Veggie PAK,
    Yes multiple times is necessary because I use one color high-liter for the wish list and another color for the reality list.
    Happy Gardening