Monday, March 19, 2012

82.6 Degrees!!!

Even this early daffodil is blooming with my February Golds.
February Golds usually bloom first, and then the rest of my daffodils...but not his spring.
Cedar log for Mason bees.

The hoop house spinach crop.
Three seedling rows of radish and mixed greens sprouted in a week.

This March is really something. The thermometer on the garden shed measured 82.6 degrees at about 1 o'clock - really not March weather. I have seen bumblebees and today a white cabbage butterfly so bugs are out too.
I finished pruning the apple trees today and the tree in the garden has really swollen buds - sure hope we don't get any hard cold weather yet. Our real frost free date is in May. I have nice spinach in the hoop house and seedling radishes and greens are up. I have been leaving the door open with this warm weather - spinach hates hot weather and will bolt because of it.
I made a mason bee nest out of a piece of cedar log and will make another one for the other trees too. I drilled holes in the log and hung it in the tree and I hope it attracts some pollinators. Honey bees were almost totally absent last season and with all my crocus and daffodils blooming I have seen few bees - only that one bumble bee last week and none since.
Lettuce seedlings are up in the greenhouse and I moved the tray out to the hoop house for cooler growing. The some of the seedlings will end up in the hoop house anyways. Spinach, sorrel, chives and tarragon are all on the menu this week.
Happy Gardening


  1. Hi! I found your blog through a Google search, and I'm excited to find another Wisconsin garden blogger. Most of the blogs I read are in different zones so I always feel behind the pack.

    Look forward to keeping up with your gardening this year. Hopefully the weather doesn't freak out any more than it already has.

  2. Hi Liz,
    Glad your search was so successful! - check out some of the older post as there is a great deal of info and some videos there too. I agree - fruit trees are budding fast and a frost might ruin everything.
    Happy Gardening

  3. Hi, I loved your mason bee house and posted it on Pinterest.

    Someone commented that cedar isn't a good idea for bees. Is this really cedar?