Sunday, June 17, 2012

Finally Some Rain

Beans planted next to the poles.

Beans are planted out of the peat pots.   
The planted bean patch.
The planted tomato patch - all 75.

We finally got some rain on Saturday.  I really cant remember when it did rain the last time!- it has been that long. 
The tomato patch is planted and in the next few days I will start to string them up - I have 75 planted so stringing will take some time.  The pole beans are also in the ground.  I needed new pole so I found some nice 8-10 ft aspen poles in an abandoned field close to home. Wednesday I cut pole and Thursday I planted beans.  The beans were in peat pots so I could plant them next to the poles after I had sunk the poles.  My Grandfather George planted only pole beans and used old stick - i think they must have been Sassafras poles because they grow in groves in Southern Indiana and would have been a logical choice for his beans.  ( The pictures are a bit out of sequence but this new blog system is still a problem!!!)
The apples are all bagged and we are experiencing a drop but so far we have had less than 100 bags drop so this is good. The hot weather we have been experiencing is not good but hopefully not too much scald will occur.  I have only had apple scald happen when we have had really hot weather early in the bagging process - like June and like now...
Garlic scapes have been harvested and we are eating them in scrambled eggs with tarragon - really good.  Don't let the garlic waste energy making flowers harvest those scapes and eat them as the first crop of garlic.
Happy Gardening


  1. Hi Dave...
    It's been a while...a couple of far apart do you plant the tomato plants? Do you remove the lower leaves when you string them or wait until they are slightly larger with more leaves to compensate for the removal? Also do you allow any of the suckers to develop and string them or just let them be? I've been using the string method for couple of years and really am satisfied with it. My husband clamps a board across the metal poles @ the top and has drilled holes every 3" so I can tread my twine through the holes so no sagging! Works well for me.
    The Crazy Cat Lady

  2. Hi Dave,,,I have a question re...garlic.....How far along is yours right now? Since you're are harvesting scapes as I am, are any of your leaves browning up? With the dryness, I have been watering faithfully, but I feel like some of mine is going to be ready to harvest in a week or so. Two lower leaves are browning on some varieties.

  3. Hi CCL
    the tomatoes are usually close, on 12-18 in centers. the lowest leaves go to allow me to string them up but those are usually seed leaves and not much good. No suckers on the main stem only the primary stalk and when the real vigorous ones get to the top of the strings in August they get topped. I will have pictures of the plants strung soon -Happy Gardening

    Dear Anon,
    My leaves are burnt at the tips from the dry weather and because of the temps I find that most stuff is 2 wks ahead but garlic should not be ready yet. So let them really brown all the leaves to get the best harvest.
    Happy Gardening

  4. Quick question Dave...
    I have lots of flowers on my tomatoes but they are dropping off daily because of the heat...any suggestion? Same with peppers but not to the extent as the tomatoes...Most of my peppers have fruit on them and it is getting sunburned because the leaf cover is not adequate yet...I've been contemplating using remay which will cut back on some of the rays but I don't think it will help with the heat? Shade cloth??? Do you have experience with it? Or do we just bite the bullet and wait this out?

  5. Hi Anon - Yes the heat is part of the problem. Somewhere I read that extreme heat will cause the plant to abort development of fruits and when the temperatures ( below 90+) calms down again they will re-set fruits. The remay does increase the temp under the cover so yes take it off for a while - pepper need protection from earwigs and remay might not do that too well. My hoop house cover which usually last for two years has been destroyed by this heat - the UV seems to be such that it just tore away today. So our day temps need some moderation for our crops to get happy - However, my cotton plants love this heat...
    Happy Gardening