Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sunflower Seed Sprouts

Use 1-2 cups of  sunflower seed.

Spray with bleach spray and rinse thoroughly, then soak seed for at least 6 hrs.

Add soil-less mix to tray bottom - just cover the grooves.

Rinse the seeds one more time and then spread evenly in tray.

I really do not cover the seed just make sure it is all spread out.

Cover with wet paper toweling and a tray lid.

Cover with a cloth and place in a bottom warm spot - mine are on top of grow lights.

In about three days you should have sprouted seed so uncover them.

Keep them watered (spray or liquid) with lid in place but in light now for growth.

After about 6 days I start taking the plastic cover off and allowing them more full sun.

These are ready - I pull them out or cut them and enjoy "yummy" home grown sprouts.

As you can see most of this post is a technique for growing your own sunflower seed sprouts.  These sprouts usually retail for about $4-5 a package and you can make a tray for next to nothing with a little planning.  They take about 6 - 10 days to have an edible product that will last another week in the tray and about that long if you cut the last ones in the tray and refrigerate them in a wet paper towel in a plastic bag.  Any questions just ask and I will try to help with a response.
Happy Gardening


  1. Been following your blog for a while and am glad you are posting more often...great post on sprouts!

  2. Hi Margaret,
    Yes, I am trying to get back to regular posting and as spring finally arrives and we warm up here in the north there are more things to do and talk about. I got the greenhouse heater started today and the fig trees are in the garage and soon to be in the greenhouse after a long sleep in the garden shed.
    Happy Gardening