Tuesday, January 21, 2014

2014 Seed Order

The 2014 Seed order has been made and soon the selections will arrive.  I always like to see which one gets here first as I order from companies that are on both the East and West coast.  The Wisconsin company is the slowest and will take almost 2 weeks to get here?!  Below are the selections for this season.  I did go through the old seeds in the garden box and disposed of anything that was more than 4 years old - except for a mini-white zinnias that (are I forget how old ) still seem to germinate - no not a 80% but I do get plants.  
I think we are looking at experimenting with herbs this year as demolition of the greenhouse is in the plan and so seed germination might be tricky if I have to grow and demolish in the same place - time will tell on that one.  But even if the seed list seems extensive - we will have less of many things this coming season - tomatoes for one, and cucumbers for another.  So take a look and post a questions as to reason for selection and I will try to explain.
Happy Gardening

2014 Seed Order

PINETREE Garden Seeds

Bianca Borage (white)
Common Thyme
Holy Basil
Summer Savory
Crackerjack marigold
Purple Cayenne pepper
Hungarian Yellow pepper
Cherry Belle radish
Radish mix
Starbor kale
Redbor kale
Mibuna mustard
Sbanach spinach
Tyee spinach
Spinach mix
Soloist Napa cabbage
Tom Thumb bibb lettuce
Tomatoberry grape tomato


Merlin beet
Manny greenhouse cucumber
Purple Glazer garlic –fall delivery
Deerfield garlic – fall delivery
Wild Garden kale
Winterbor kale
Flashy Trout Back Romaine lettuce
Victoria Butterhead lettuce
Relic leaf lettuce
Speedy arugula
Roquette arugula
Dragons Tongue arugula
Perfection fennel
Italiko red stemmed dandelion
Spicy Green mustard
Sugar Pot watermelon (compact grower)
Gladiator parsnip
Piccolo summer squash
Red Kuri winter squash
Gold Nugget winter squash
Olympia spinach
Indigo Rose tomato
Mammoth Sweet basil
Ducat dill
Empress of India nasturtium
Teddy Bear sunflower
Golden Cheer sunflower
Starlight Rose Zahars series zinnia
Double Strawberry Zahara series zinnia


New Red Fire leaf lettuce (pellets)
Winter Density bibb lettuce (pellets)
Nevada crisp head lettuce (pellets)
Tropicana leaf lettuce (pellets)
Rover radish
Crunchy Royale radish
Alpine Daikon radish
Nova grape tomato
Giant of Italy parsley
Moss Curled parsley
Princess Calendula mix
Kaleidoscope nasturtium mix

TOTALLY TOMATOES ( a subsidiary of Jung Seeds)

Apple Indigo series tomato
Sugary Hybrid tomato
Tomatoberry Garden Hybrid tomato
Temptation strawberry

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