Monday, March 17, 2014

Offical Start of 2014 Season

Mexico Feb. 28th Mayan Pyramids and surrounding jungle.

Greenhouse winter storage?

The paper bags hold the saved bean seeds.

4 ml plastic double sheets plus bubble sheets.

This Reznor heater has been our heat always.

Curved eves are tough to insulate - wood lath helps.

March 15th - the back yard - SPRING.

The greenhouse has been cleaned up, insulated with 4ml plastic and the furnace successfully started.  That all done, we are now ready to start the season.  Sadly, this old greenhouse, which has been around since the late 70's and remodeled in the 90's is soon to be no more.  The glass is ancient and brittle and the curved eves would make that glass replacement a real challenge.  So sometime in May I will start of dismantle the whole thing.  I plan to recycle all the aluminum, to help defray the cost of the demolition and I will have to haul all the glass to the county dump because the city has a new collection plan and this construction waste is not permissible.  Once that is done the cement guys will come in, knock down the foundation and put a new slab on the site and then we will see what happen in this new space.  So officially  this is the last spring growing season in this space.  I sure hope we have one more good one.
Happy Gardening and Happy St. Patrick's...

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