Monday, May 4, 2015

The Vegetable Garden Returns...

After a long time and a number of events here in the yard I am returning to making garden postings to share what is happening in our garden space.

Last summer the old greenhouse was demolished and a new cement slab was put up.  At the time I was not sure what was going on the space other than chairs and a space for cold frames.  However, this winter I decided that I really needed another greenhouse and so the search began.  I looked at many types and a great deal of evaluations and finally settled on a Grandio Elite 8x12 polycarbonate greenhouse.  Two factors made my choice - I wanted  10mm panels in the structure and I wanted a kit that went up easily and had good personal reviews - the Grandio had all of that. 

The pictures help one see how the structure is constructed and pretty much as the plans indicate - two persons and about two days to erect.  I had help but I read the construction plans several times before I gave the copy to my handyman for him to read so we were both on the same page with construction.  I arranged all the parts by number order and as suggested taped all the panels before we put them in place.  The tape closed off the cells in the panels to prevent dirt and dust from accumulating and clouding the panels prematurely.

While waiting for the new greenhouse I started this years seeds in the basement under fluorescent lights.  My sucess with lights was OK but as soon as possible I have taken the seedlings outside and into cold frames.  I have had some problems with the heat mat and might have to purchase a new one for next season as this one gets way too hot so either the mat or the thermostat is not working correctly.

We also made some changes in the yard.  I had the three pine trees in the back of the yard cut down, allowing much more light for the apples and for the oak tree.  Last summer I planted an apricot tree, and this spring black raspberries, horseradish, and a new fig tree.  There is a possiblity that this fig might go in the ground on the south side of the house as an experiment to see if it will survive and produce in this climate.  I spoke with someone at Pinetree Seeds and she has a Chicago Hardy Fig in the gound in Maine! so only time and expreimentation will see.
Happy Gardening
The sad old greenhouse.

I removed all the glass and recycled all the metal.

Demolition of the old cement wall.

The new space last summer 2014.

One 8x12 Grandio Greenhouse delivered.

The foundation on the cement slab.

The next Saturday and up the structure goes.


The new growing space - really nice size.

New Chicago Hardy Brown Turkey Fig.

The pine trees before....

And they are gone and the apples and oak will have more sun.

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  1. wow! You have done a great job in renovating all your green house place and putting up a new structure for all the plantation. Thanks for sharing your experience.