Sunday, February 1, 2009

Aloe Vera Returns

As February makes its welcomed arrival so does the flower spike on the Aloe vera plant make an annual show. This plant has been here at Breezy Acres for over ten years and many a Aloe "pup" has been passed along to others. This year both plants decided to bloom in February. Last year one bloomed indoors and another made its show in July as part of summer flowering. The yellow flowers, although not much to look at, easily remind me that spring is not that far off and someplace much warmer spring has already begun.

Today was the first above freezing day we have had in almost two months. What better time to visit the garden to see how the spinach is doing. Last fall I planted all the remaining seed in several rows in the garden with hopes of an early spring crop. Some of the seedlings, even with the sub zero weather have survived nicely and I am looking forward to a spinach harvest come late March. I watered them today with snow and the bright sun and warm weather should help the crop. There is one cold frame in the garden that does not have anything planted in it, so as soon as the frost is out of that space I will seed with more spinach for a late crop. One can notice that the days are getting longer so I really need to finalize the seed order and get the selections made soon.

Happy Gardening

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