Sunday, February 22, 2009

Tomato Dreams

One can only dream of tomatoes when Mother Nature piles six inches of new snow on the garden. But there are always those wonderful catalog pictures and descriptions of the possibilities that fresh seed holds. All the tomato seed is in and today I counted back to see when my seed start date will be. I have to adjust for the fact that the first week of June I will be in Canada fishing so that could make my earliest plant date the last week in May. This date is historically too early to expect that my cold garden soil will be warm enough for the tomatoes. I think I will plan on planting as soon as I get home from Canada with hopes that this spring will not be as wet as last year.

I will count back eight to ten weeks for the tomatoes and add a few weeks more for the peppers especially the hot varieties. Peppers did not like the wet weather last year and the crop will definitely be moved to a new place in the garden as last year disease took a heavy toll on the fruits.

The following varieties will be the tomato patch this season:
Sweet Chelsea/ Sugary/ Japanese Black Trifele/ Golden Rave/ Big Beef/ Wapsipinicon Peach
Green Pineapple/ Camp Joy/ Grubs Mystery/ Earl of Edgecombe/ Valencia
Persimmion and Red Garden Peach ( seed that I saved myself from last year)

I would like to thank Alyssa Kimmel of Johnny's Selected Seeds and Tom Johns, President of Territorial Seed Company for the candid remarks they shared with me this week about their
companies. I asked them for some help with information about vegetable garden seed companies for a presentation that I will give at Fox Valley Technical School this week. Both of them were most helpful with information about their market niche and the excellent growth of home vegetable seed sales. I was most happy to hear that their economic outlook was very good. Thanks again to them both.

Happy Gardening

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