Sunday, August 7, 2011

New Varmint Arrives on the Scene!

Yukky - Nasty eating machine!
Can't mistake those white spots on the sides of the wings -Japanese beetle!
Lets look as something much better - quick before it gets eaten!
Zinnias are, I guess, my favorite garden flower.
These little yellow ones are really much brighter than the picture can show.
Tomatoberry - good little salad variety.
The peppers in the "EARTHBox" planters are starting to produce
The little black fig tree has a respectable crop.
Fair entries at the Door County Fair seemed to be down this year. But blue ribbons weren't.
Some entries were just too tempting.
This has got to be the largest kohlrabi I have ever seen - can't comment on its taste.
Black Australorp rooster - fills his cage.
An Australorp hen with egg. There must have been over a dozen examples of this breed.

I knew that Japanese Beetles had been introduce to the west side of Green Bay maybe about 10 or more years ago. We have been monitoring their expansion annually. Unfortunately, they have migrated into my garden this week! I found 28 of them feasting on my pole beans on Thursday and have found a few more each day since. Needless to say I was most unhappy. These eating machines could be worse than white cabbage butterflies or even rabbits. The Extension office said that they had been discovered on the UWGB campus last year - that's less than 5 city blocks away and it did not take long for them to spread farther north. As grubs in the lawn and adults on my garden plants these critters will initiate constant monitoring in the garden from now on. I dreaded this event and now it has happened. A big UN-thank to the commercial landscaper who brought them into the city on nursery stock those years ago!

I still did not get my garlic dug as we had some rain and I just ran out of time. I see from the comments that others have done their harvest and had great results. I was in Door County judging the Junior and Open classes at the fair this past week and they had great garlic too. General entries were down this year - for example we had no potato entries in any class! The best thing at the fair were the chickens. I had wanted to see adult Australorp chickens and I sure did. There were rooster, hens, and pullets and those are big chickens. The roosters at the fair were HUGE. As a reminder, Australorps were the variety that I got as chicks and had to give up on this year.

Cucumbers and more tomatoes (slowly) are on the menu along with a few heads of garlic and some of the shallots. The broccoli should start to head up and at last the melon plant in the greenhouse has set female flowers. So I pollinated as many as have bloomed this week. I hope they take.
Happy Gardening


  1. I'm amazed actually that it's taken so long for the Japanese Beetle to reach your neck of the woods. Here in western Pennsylvania, not really too far from you relatively speaking, we've had them for at least 50 years. They love rose bushes best of all. Hand picking them off the plants only goes so far when you get a significant outbreak. Good luck in that battle!

  2. Hi Richard,
    Wow you guys have been fighting these critters for a long time - a good hint for us and what is to come - thanks.
    Happy Gardening