Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tomatoes and Cucumbers A Plenty

Can't resist sharing zinnias.
Brown Turkey Figs - yum yum.
2011 garlic harvest - replant the LARGEST heads for next year late Sept/Oct.

The tomatoes are finally ripening so that we can't eat them all in a day. The cucumbers are probably the best crop I have ever had. I pick 6 -8 perfect straight fruits each day and growing on the trellis most of them hang down inside and are just perfect. I wish the tomatoes were as healthy - Septoria is on quite a few plants and tomorrow I plan to leaf prune them off. I have already cut most of the tops out of the tallest plants. No need letting them grow so tall as most of the fruit developing now is what will be ready before frost. Any fruit that is just in flower may not make it with the days getting shorter. Unfortunately I seem to have more determinate plants than I expected. I don't like them because of their habit of branching makes cutting out suckers tough. Along with the fact that all the fruits usually come ripe at once - these are great plants for ketchup or other canning or freezing.
The pole beans, food and home for the Japanese beetles, are finally ready to pick. I like the Roma type pole beans but this years main corp is a snap bean ( Fortex )that's not too bad just slow in production. The first figs are ripe on the Brown Turkey and they are such a treat. The garlic has all been dug and is drying in the tool shed. We have had roasted garlic from the grill twice this week and I am taking some on my fishing trip. I cut the top off the garlic bulb, give it a shot of olive oil and wrap it in foil and put the bundle on the back side of the grill. In less than 20 min they are done and ready for bread. Great eats.
Happy Gardening

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  1. Your garlic looks great. Nicely formed bulbs.