Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Last Fruit and the First Flowers

February species crocus - Wow! early for sure.

There are more varieties planted in this part of the lawn - more to come.
Most of these are Fireside - a real good winter keeper.
Great applesauce - no white sugar - just some honey and a touch of maple syrup and of course a good dose of cinnamon.

The pictures tell the story. The last of the 2011 apples were made into applesauce Friday. The crop was stored in the basement refrigerator and in two coolers in the garage. As winter continues to be mild the cooler storage was perfect for our apples. Too bad we didn't keep Figgy in the garage too - maybe the tree would have not broken dormancy so easily in the crawlspace.

The first species crocus of the season bloomed today!!! Very early even for species crocus but they are a most welcome sight. the flowers will get a dose of cayenne pepper now that I have pictures just to keep any rogue rabbits off them. Unfortunately, some smaller bunnies can squeeze through the fence looking for a free meal.
Happy Gardening


  1. What a freakishly warm winter we're having. Looks like you're having the same there. Warm winters kind of throw off my internal compass. I hope it doesn't mean an extra large batch of insect pests this year. I rely on a few really deep freezes to at least kill some of the insect eggs/larvae. Anyway, good for you getting your seed order in. I'll do mine this weekend. Happy Gardening.

  2. Hi Richard,
    Yes it is unusual, and this morning I first heard and then saw a robin in the street tree! And I rather think that last week when I was in Illinois I saw a flock of red-wing blackbirds but was not 100% sure of that one as they flew past me on the way to Chicago...
    Happy Gardening