Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Proposed Plants for the 2012 Garden

More February flowers - Snowdrop surprise.

The entire seed order has not arrived but only one order is outstanding and that one should be in soon. The others arrived on two separate days last week in the mailbox on top of each other. Here is the list of seeds we plan to plant in the 2012 garden . . .

2012 Seed Order

Totally Tomatoes -TT

Pinetree Garden Seeds – PGS

Territorial Seed Co. – TSC

Johnny’s Selected Seeds – JSS

Sand Hill Preservation Center– SHP

Healthy Pepper – TT

Ice Age Hybrid – TT

Golden Treasure – TT (free)

Sweet Gourmet – TT

Ethnic Sweet Antohi Romanian – JJS

Italian Pepperoncini pepper- PGS

Azoychkas Russian tomato – TT

Country Taste Hybrid –TT

Moonglow – TT

Old Brooks – TT

Persimmon Orange – TT

Sugary Hybrid – TT

Sweet Treats Hybrid –TT

Five Star Grape – JSS

Tomatoberry Garden Hybrid – PGS

Cheesemans tomato - SHP

Alpine Daikion radish – JSS

Dragon Hybrid – TSC

German Giant radish – PGS

Tender Gold Chinese cabbage - TSC

Panisse lettuce – JSS (all Johnny’s seed is pelletized seed)

Concept – JSS

Adriana – JSS

Winter Density – JSS

Costal Star – JSS

Radichetta – PGS

Tom Thumb lettuce - SHP

Pepinex Hybrid cucumber – TSC

Summer Dance – PGS

Socrates – JSS

Glorie de Paris cucumber - SHP

Bordeaux Hybrid spinach – TSC

Tortoiseshell Hybrid – TSC

Regatta Hybrid– TSC

Space - PGS

Space - JSS

Viroflay - PGS

Spinach Mix – PGS

Tyee spinach – JSS

Emu spinach – JSS

Burpees Golden beet – PGS

Golden Ball turnip – PGS

Javelin Hybrid parsnip – TSC

Romano pole bean – PGS

Goldmarie– TSC

Northeaster– JSS

Marengo Romano pole bean - PGS

Gunnison onion (pelletized seed)- JSS

Perfection fennel – TGS

French thyme – PGS

Petra parsley – PGS

Prezzemolo Gigante D Italia parsley – PGS

Nufar basil (pelletized) JSS

Caraway – SHP

Dukat dill – SHP

Astro arugula/roquette – JSS

Sylevetta wild arugula – JSS

Roquette arugula – JSS

Rucola Selvatica arugula – PGS

Arugula - SHP

Dandelion Red Rib – JSS

Italiko Rossa dandelion – TSC

Spicy Green mustard – TSC

Tokyo Bekana Asian greens – JSS

Watercress – PGS

Spring Greens mix – SHP

Fall Greens mix - SHP

Tasty Bites melon – TSC

Jelly melon - SHP

Piccolo Hybrid summer squash – TSC

Rainbow winter squash – SHP

Scarchuks Supreme winter squash -SHP

Giant Sunglold sunflower – TSC

Double quick Orange sunflower – JSS

Profusion Cherry zinnia – JSS

Profusion Yellow zinnia – JSS

Butternut Brown cotton - SHP

Happy Gardening


  1. Have you grown cotton before? I didn't think we had a long enough season. Do you have a heated greenhouse, or is an unheated house enough to get the "boll" rolling? (Sorry, I couldn't resist. In my defense, occasionally I can be funny) I have a hard to control urge to grow things that aren't really hardy here. My latest temptation are persimmons. I've been resisting, but there's a zone six hardy kaki, 'Ichikikijiro,' that's supposed to be dwarf, though at ten feet not as small as your figs, that I dream of growing in a pot, wrapping in a carpet, or perhaps tipping and burying to get through our Wisconsin winters.

  2. Hi planthoarder,
    Yes to cotton - twice! A nice brown variety not the same one as this new one and a green one. I started the plants as early as possible ( I only heat the greenhouse in March) and put them in the warmest location I have in the yard and got crops both times. As for the persimmons might be tough even in pots but just one crop could be worth all the work. I have pictures of huge unripe fruit on a tree in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, NY - so go for it. Maybe in a sunny but sheltered spot you might try a full size, an American variety. Check out One Green World for possible varieties.
    Happy Gardening

  3. Hi DJP

    Do you use the cotton for something, or is it just a cool ornamental?

    Do you have a favorite tomato? I'm looking for one as delicious as 'Gold Medal,' but more generous with its fruit.

    Even the American persimmons may not make it, if one of these years we get a real winter, but I'm willing to try. Everyone was out of 'Morris Burton' so I'm just going to try some seeds for now. They take seven years to fruit, so here's hoping we have winters as easy on us as this one's been.


  4. Hi Planthoarder,
    The cotton was just to prove I could grow it - sorta like your persimmons. I grow so many varieties of tomatoes that picking a favorite it tough - both my wife and I really like "Sugary" - a semi-indeterminate grape tomato and I like my old time "Red Peach" just because I picked it for my grafting work. I also like "Country Taste" and wouldn't you know - a yellow orange called "Persimmon"
    Happy Gardening